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Find an Extra 1-2 Hours per Day

(Reprinted from The Standard)

Time. There is never enough of it, but by becoming efficient we can find more time in our day. This is something we all want, efficiency, but what does it mean, exactly? Yes, most agencies have an agency management system at this point, but using its full potential is another story.
I knew an agency that would receive an email, print it and fax it over to the company (and then put a copy in the file). Hmmm, do you see an efficiency problem here? If you?re already receiving a document in an electronic format, there is no need to duplicate it. Simply forward the email to the company.

Let?s take a look at a few of tools that are probably already in your arsenal. Consider implementing these three time saving suggestions.

1) Real Time: Most agency management systems have this feature. While in a client screen, one click should take you directly to the client billing information on the carriers website. You should not be getting out of your system, opening the company website, entering your user id and password, entering the client info and so on. See the difference? It?s been reported that by using this one feature, CSR?s can save anywhere from ½ to 1 hour per day.

2) Rating: Integration with your rating system. Your agency management system most likely integrates with your rating system. You should only ever be typing your clients name, address, and policy information once. Period. If you enter it into rating then you should import that information into your agency management system (and vice versa).

3) Building a bank of Additional Interests and Certificate Holders: Again, a great time saving feature. For each and every Binder and Certificate created, the additional interest should be added to the master list in your agency management system so that it?s never typed again.
Change is never easy, but it?s certainly worth it. I took a class once where the instructor?s southern drawl alone was enough to hold my attention, but he said something that has really stayed with me. ?Just cause your pappy, grand pappy and great grand pappy did it that way, don?t mean you have to keep on doin? it that way.?
Having your agency become more efficient requires a small amount of effort and helps the CSR?s have more time to write new business and provide improved customer service. Make it interesting for the staff, not overwhelming, add one feature per month. Before you know it you?ll be finding an additional 1-2 hours per day!

June Sousouris, AAI, is the Director of Sales for Special Agent, Inc. in Holbrook, MA. Ms. Sousouris has over twenty years experience in the insurance industry with her most recent prior position as Vice President of Sales & Marketing of a large insurance agency.

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